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The DC Two Veeam Cloud Storage is deployed utilising Supermicro storage chassis with 7.2k Enterprise SATA drives configured in highly redundant RAID 6 configuration providing a lower performance platform and delivered at market leading rates.

Current performance testing on the Veeam Cloud Storage platform can deliver around 9 Gbps throughput to the disk subsystems which is a lot more performance than anyone's internet connection and a lot higher performance than most other Cloud Storage providers systems which makes it perfectly suited to quick data retrieval during Recovery and Restoration events.

The Veeam Cloud Storage platform is ideally suited to archival, backup and internet or WAN connected data access, storage and retrieval.



Your Veeam Cloud Proxy server will be connected to your Veeam Cloud Storage using secure iSCSI, or CIFS if you will needing to access the same storage 'pool' using other protocols such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP or HTTPS.


Storage Multi-Site Duplication

DC Two can store your Veeam Cloud Backup data in up to 3 geographically diverse data centres providing additional redundancies should it be determined that your solution requires such data protection. Please contact DC Two for further pricing and details.


Veeam Cloud Storage Pricing

The DC Two Veeam Cloud Storage is available from $2 per 10GB with a minimum of 100GB ($20 ex GST) per month for a single data centre storage solution.

If you have many TB of data or wish to connect to the DC Two Cloud Storage via dedicated Point to Point connections, please contact us for better rates.



For further information or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on +61 (0)8 6141 1011 or email us at info@dctwo.com.au

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