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Let's just say for a moment that something really bad has happened to your primary data centre or primary location.

Perhaps you've had a catastrophic hardware failure or these days, extreme events of nature such as massive storms are unfortunately becoming much more common.

How do you get your systems back online in the event of a catastrophic event?


With the DC Two Veeam Cloud Storage solution you have several options all with different Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs);


1 - Download your data yourself - RTO - days to weeks

If your environment can be repaired or brought back online quickly, or you've been lucky enough to secure new equipment, you could download your backup data, reload all of your VMware or Hyper-V and of course Veeam Backup and Replication onto your new equipment and then restore your backups and then you're up and running again.

This will unfortunately take days to possibly weeks before everything is back online and working properly depending on the amount of data you have and the complexity of the environment.

If you also had an on-site cache or on-site copy of your backups, there is a good chance that these too would be unusable due (most likely) to the same event that damaged your primary equipment in the first place.


2 - Have DC Two send your data to you - RTO - days

DC Two could copy your data onto portable storage devices and Fedex or courier the data to you.

This could shorten the time to download or otherwise recover your backup data but doesn't resolve the replacement hardware situation.


3 - Visit a DC Two site yourself - RTO - hours to days

Likewise, if you are located within reasonable proximity to a DC Two site, you could visit one of our high speed data kiosks and retrieve the data yourself which could shorten the recovery window even further, but yet again, you will still need to resolve the hardware situation.


4 - Restore your backups into the DC Two Cloud platform - RTO - 4 hours +

As your backup data is already located within the DC Two platforms, in the event of a catastrophic event at your primary site, DC Two can quickly import your backups into the DC Two Virtual Cloud Platform into your own Virtual Data Centre and have your systems online within a few hours.

We have a window of 4 hours in which to begin this work but depending on the total amount of data and number of Virtual machines, it may take a little longer to have all of your systems back online.

For most small to medium businesses, this option #4 is by far the best value, Price versus RTO, with 4 hours being a quite acceptable period of downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure at the primary site.


5 - Power On your replicas already in the DC Two Cloud Platform - RTO - only minutes

If 4 hours is considered to be too long as an outage for your organisation in the event of a catastrophic failure event, then you should consider Veeam Cloud Replication to the DC Two platform which can shorten your outage window down to minutes.

Your VMs will be replicated frequently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from your primary site to the DC Two Virtual Platform. In the DC Two platform, your VMs will reside 'Powered Off', thereby eliminating majority of your licensing costs and cost optimising the solution as much as possible.

In the event of a complete disaster requiring the DC Two Cloud Replica site to become the primary site, all you will need to do is to log into the DC Two portal and 'Power On' your VMs.

As soon as your VMs have started and networking configured appropriately, then your platforms will be back online.

On that note of networking, the Veeam Backup and Replication Re-IP function can assist greatly in smoothly transitioning and adjusting any IP changes required inside the VMs during a restore/recovery event.

What is even easier is if the Virtual Private Networking space that your replica environment resides in within the DC Two Virtual Cloud platform is configured as close as (or identical to) your primary site, therefore reducing, or eliminating the need for any Re-IP or other networking reconfigurations during a restore.



Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity testing

Having any backup solution to begin with is great but how do you know it will actually do what you need it to do, exactly when you need it, when your business is at it's most vulnerable when your primary data systems have failed?

DC Two can work with you to test your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans as required. You may wish to schedule a test restore of your backups every 6 months, or in the case of a replicated environment, you may wish to migrate your primary services to the replica environment for 1 week every 6/12 months.

Regular Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity testing can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your business can continue to function, and operate effectively even in the face of uncertainty and catastrophic events.


If you have any questions or queries, or other specific requirements, please email info@dctwo.com.au or call our friendly team on +61 (0)8 6141 1011 with your requirements and we can have you up and running very quickly.



For further information or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on +61 (0)8 6141 1011 or email us at info@dctwo.com.au

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